Automation, Robotics & Deep Learning AI

We understand automation, robotics & deep learning but what we started with was warehousing. We believe that the best way to streamline workflows, improve accuracy, and reduce costs is by embracing technology. In 2016 we created R1+ to engineer, manufacture and implement Automation, Robotics & Deep Learning AI tools into R1 and across our facilities. Learn more

R1 Technologies

R1 integrates all Omni-Channel and supply chain workflows into a single, cloud based platform with unparalleled control. R1 drives complex data gathering, and deep learning analytics resulting in the highest sell-through and net margins for every touch, movement, sort and pricing decision.

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Automated Decisions & Returns Management

Before we touch a single item, we use big data analytics to predict the profit and make a supply chain and channel decision that guarantees the most beneficial return for your inventory.

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The first end-to-end
and Supply Chain
Business Solution
Welcome to the Circular Economy

We deliver superior margins,
controls & sell-through in real
time through innovative, data
driven technologies.

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