Why Retailers Need to Track Returns Through Reconciliation

To recover the highest profits, while minimizing losses, retailers must create an effective strategy that guarantees visibility to where every dollar of inventory exists at all times. 

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Reverse Logistics An Obsolete Linear Economy 1 min read

Why retailers must embrace the circular economy for their bottom line

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The Great Returns Divide Between Retailers and Consumers
Reverse Logistics The Great Returns Divide Between Retailers and Consumers 2 min read

The rate of returns in the US continues to increase with no end in sight. Shifts in consumer behavior and the changes to retailer return policies to satisfy consumer preferences are fueling the increase. And the gap gets wider and wider.

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33 stats on returns ecommerce supply chain
Ecommerce, Reverse Logistics, Supply Chain 33 Supply Chain, Returns and Ecommerce Statistics Critical To Consider 4 min read

Supply chain costs continue to rise, as do return rates for retailers. As consumer behavior shifts and ecommerce surpasses brick-and-mortar sales, businesses need to define a supply chain and returns management strategy for success. Here are...

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Reverse Logistics Market $603 Billion Synergizing Reverse Logistics for Retailers and Manufacturers
Reverse Logistics Reverse Logistics Market $603 Billion? Synergizing Reverse Logistics for Retailers and Manufacturers 2 min read

A recent report released by Allied Market Research is raising a lot of eyebrows in the reverse logistics industry. The report concluded that the global reverse logistics market could reach $603+ billion in just 5 years.

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goTRG facility
Inventory Management, Reverse Logistics Top Global Retailers Facing Critical Warehouse Challenges this Holiday Season 1 min read

Tis the season for higher online sales, returns, and critical warehouse challenges that can cripple ecommerce and fulfillment facilities.

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holiday shopping returns
Omni-Channel, Reverse Logistics 4 Holiday Shopping Tips Online Retailers Can Use To Mitigate Loss On Returns 1 min read

What is causing the perpetual increase of return rates? There are a few fingers to be pointed, from more relaxed return policies to shifting consumer behavior.

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customer experience bottom line profits
Reverse Logistics Solving The Dilemma: Customer Experience vs. Bottom Line Profit 1 min read

Our ability to quickly and in real time assess that value, and then market the product to these buyers will create a synergetic link between customer experience and bottom line profits.

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AI, Reverse Logistics Get Ready Reverse Logistics, AI is Here to Stay (And the Best is Yet to Come) 1 min read

goTRG’s introduction of the first machine learning neural net-based AI that is able to collect millions of points of data, is poised to revolutionize the reverse logistics play field.

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goTRG Team @ RLA 2018
Reverse Logistics, Tradeshow The Future of Reverse Logistics Starts Today by Chuck Johnston 1 min read

Across the marketplace, myriad companies have always been collecting Big Data. But what are they doing with it? They collect it and save it and store it. For what?

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AI, Reverse Logistics Getting Slammed by Online Returns? 1 min read

Recoup the highest recovery of net costs by considering goTRG’s one-stop reverse logistics solution.

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