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Sales Control Center Manager

Sales Miami, Florida Full-time


  • Posted on Aug 28, 2019


This critical role will balance the swings in supply and demand and develop ongoing processes to eliminate the hurdles that try to get in our way. You will create tracking tools, monitor flow and coordinate corrective action for all product movement from sale through fulfillment. This vital role is proactive in nature; forecasting, resolving and developing processes for the smooth coordination and flow of sales.

1. Define and create KPI’s to most effectively manage the business. Support with reporting and analysis for sold orders, recoveries, aging, shelf space etc.
2. Ensure all problems are identified and communicated for collaborative solution by defining minimum/maximum action standards within reports. Create tools to assist Sales Support in cross-functional problem-solving
3. Create and implement processes to eliminate ongoing and repeating hurdles. Longer term the intent would be to focus on how to build market condition variables into the processes
4. Communicate directly within the entire Sales team to share and provide analysis for sales velocity. The role will ensure key information is available for each function to support the highest recovery and velocity using retail and wholesale channels
5. Lead the cross-functional communication required for effective execution of every sale through to fulfillment
6. Communicate, share and input with the Business Development team. Be aware of monthly/yearly volume forecasts, industries and upcoming needs. Support new business development through sales potential forecasting. Coordinate and spec potential R1 support requirements
7. Monitor Inbound/Outbound product flows. Proactively identify spikes/slowdowns and potential supply – demand imbalances
8. Support position will communicate directly with facility liaison their plan of action for fixing problems in the building. The building liaison will also communicate their possible solution as well in order to collaborate together and come up with the best solution.
9. Control center manager will hold weekly meetings with building liaisons and control center support team to be sure all problems are being addressed
10. An example topic in the meeting would be if the control center support staff cannot alleviate a problem of shipping paid orders, for example, then the sales rep needs to be brought in to rectify the problem. The goal is to fix problems through the control center but if a relationship is needed to fix the problem that resource (sales rep) will be utilized to expediate the process. If problems are not addressed timely support team will communicate with control center manager to address the proper corrective action
11. Control center manager will meet with head of sales any time necessary, but at minimum of once per week.
a. Reporting/metrics will be addressed
b. Monthly goals/shortfalls – goal for corrective action
c. Conditions of buildings (capacity issues)
d. Performance of parse/listing/pricing staff


• Strong results orientation and comfort with a fast paced environment
• 2-5 year’s experience in a Sales, ideally in several roles. Strong understanding of all parts of the sales process from sale to fulfillment, including e-commerce
• Outstanding data analytics supported by Advanced Excel capabilities, (including pivot tables, vlookup, conditional formatting and advanced charting), ideally experienced with a BI tool
• Outstanding interpersonal and cross-functional communication skills and an ability to work independently and as part of a larger team.

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