Need to Manage Your Returns? Embrace Technology!

Make no mistake about it. When it comes to supply chain, technology is not only here to stay -- it’s the only way to stay competitive, much less get ahead. If your company, retail and/or eCommerce, isn’t embracing an innovative solution for managing returns, don’t wait another minute. And, if your solution isn’t yielding the highest recovery of net costs on returns, you need a better solution.

Failing to accept the fact that technology is the only route to profitability in today’s evolving supply chain is a recipe for disaster. And, there is no place this is more true than in your mounting heap of returns.

The ever-compounding challenge posed by returns looms large, no matter what you sell. While many companies chalk the billions of dollars of annual returns up to the cost of doing business, several of the largest players in the ecommerce marketplace have already begun to embrace the future. They realize, with the help of goTRG’s AI-powered reverse logistics solution, failing to maximizing returns is literally throwing away money.

Instead, many forward-thinking companies see the sense (and dollars!) of outsourcing reverse logistics to goTRG, the leading third-party logistics firm (3PL). By employing goTRG’s innovative solution, these retailers/etailers are getting the highest recovery of net costs. Read on…..

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