Providing Ideas and Products for Tapping Into New Secondary Market Segments

MIAMI, FL, August 27, 2013 –(– is well aware of the exponential growth in the part harvesting segment of secondary markets. Turning a $15 salvaged flat panel television into hundreds of dollars is easier than you think!

Currently secondary market resellers buy, test, fix and resell refurbished and repaired inventory, discarding the remainder of scrap and salvage units. TRG disassembles the scrap, sells or reuses the functioning parts and recycles the remaining materials. One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure. Literally speaking! With the recent development of online based “Do It Yourself” repairs sites, and customers communicating in online forums, the growth of the repairs parts secondary market segment has exploded! Functional parts such as circuit boards, power supplies, video cards, connector cables, remotes, screens and specialized batteries are finding new secondary market sales in the repair sector. TRG also harvests cosmetic parts like; faceplates, bezels, trims, cases and shells.

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