Operations & Supply Chain Solutions (Forward and Reverse)

Our management team brings over 100 years of supply chain and Returns Management experience. We will design, implement and manage dynamic flows that guarantee every touch increases your bottom line. Learn more

Automated Decisions & Returns Management

Before we touch a single item, we use big data analytics to predict the profit and make a supply chain and channel decision that guarantees the most beneficial return for your inventory.

Fulfillment & Warehouse Management

Our tools are cloud based, enabling you to utilize one of our highly efficient goTRG facilities or setup a fully managed end-to-end solution in one of your distribution/return centers. We’ve processed over 15 million items in the last year with added capacity for seasonal fluctuations.

Automation, Robotics and Deep Learning AI

Automation, Robotics & Deep Learning inspires people to accomplish more than they ever thought possible by adding technology that works beside them and enables them to concentrate on achieving more.

Operations & Supply Chain Reports

Let your data impact your business with reports, dashboards and drill-down customization options that provide the visibility and relevance to best manage your workflows and financial outcome.

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