Business Solutions & SaaS
for Multi-Channel Sales
and Supply Chain

Welcome to the Circular Economy
The first end-to-end Omni-Channel and Supply Chain Business Solution

We deliver superior margins, controls & sell-through in real
time through innovative, data driven technologies.

goTRG is a global leader in the implementation and execution of Omni-Channel
and supply chain solutions. Our innovative R1 Technologies power every touch,
movement and decision for the world’s largest companies.

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R1 Technologies

R1 integrates all Omni-Channel and supply chain workflows into a single, cloud based platform with unparalleled control. R1 drives complex data gathering, and deep learning analytics resulting in the highest sell-through and net margins for every touch, movement, sort and pricing decision.

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B2C & B2B Omni-Channel Sales

Automated real-time pricing, channel specific control and Speed to market are all at your fingertips. Our Omni-Channel solution achieves superior net margins and sell-through while delivering an exceptional customer experience

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Operations & Supply Chain Solutions (Forward and Reverse)

Our management team brings over 100 years of supply chain and Returns Management experience. We will design, implement and manage dynamic flows that guarantee every touch increases your bottom line.

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Reverse & Returns Solutions

Retailers and manufacturers have often neglected returns and overstock. Typically, the inventory is sold at far less than its real market value to a mishmash of middlemen, flea-markets and liquidators, or a premium is paid just to have them recycled or thrown away.

Don’t let Reverse & Returns be a burden, utilize goTRG and add margin directly to your bottom line. We make sure every touch adds the most value for the lowest cost.

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Automation, Robotics & Deep Learning AI

We understand automation, robotics & deep learning but what we started with was warehousing. We believe that the best way to streamline workflows, improve accuracy, and reduce costs is by embracing technology. In 2016 we created R1+ to engineer, manufacture and implement Automation, Robotics & Deep Learning AI tools into R1 and across our facilities.

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Automation, Robotics & Deep Learning inspires people to accomplish more than they ever thought possible by adding technology that works beside them and enables them to concentrate on achieving more.

Fully Managed Solutions

The first End-to-End Omni-Channel and Supply Chain Business Solution. We implement and execute your business vision. We will harness the full extent of our technology, manage all forward and reverse operations, facilitate multi-channel sales, fulfill all orders and support your customers all while maintaining your brands integrity.

A fully managed solution brings simplicity and clarity to every aspect of your business.

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The first end-to-end
and Supply Chain
Business Solution
Welcome to the Circular Economy

We deliver superior margins,
controls & sell-through in real
time through innovative, data
driven technologies.


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